Saving seeds is the foundation of developing durable and resilient locally based food systems. We encourage others to join us in this important work. In our eyes every seed saved is a socially healing, community creating event.”  from The Seed Ambassador’s Project (

In 2022, Fulcrum didn’t host a Seed Exchange and fortunately the White Clover Grange included a seed exchange in their spring Garden Affaire.

The 8th Annual Give Seeds a Chance:  Seed Exchange and MORE,  was not a live event in 2021 because of the COVID pandemic.

Instead, Ashley Mersereau and Justin Bailie, owners of Wild Coast Goods,  generously offered a space in their store in downtown Nehalem to house a collection of free seeds.  Though a shadow of other years more robust events, thanks to Ashley and Justin, once again people could get free seeds for their gardens.  We hope to return to a live event in 2022!


Traditionally free herb, vegetable, flower and native plant seeds, gardening information, speakers and resources have been available at the Seed Exchange.

Though people are encouraged to bring seeds they have collected or extra commercially packaged seeds they no longer want, it is not necessary to bring seeds in order to take the free seeds. When local gardeners grow favorite flowers and vegetables and purposely save that seed for the following year’s exchange, it not only expands the variety of seeds available for sharing and increases our food security, it provides seeds of plants we know do well in our locale.  Ideally, collected seeds are placed in small envelopes or zip-sealed baggies marked with as much information as possible: plant, variety, area grown, production qualities, etc.

In the last few years, thousands of commercial seed packets have been available thanks to the efforts of the Tillamook Library and Oregon Food Bank.

The first Exchange was held in the Spring 2014, at the Beehive in downtown Nehalem, site of the current Wild Coast Goods.

From 2015 to 2020 it was held at the White Clover Grange.  Starting in 2018, the Exchange was expanded to include a mini farmer’s market, tool sharpening, kid’s activities, hands on demonstrations, and most recently a free garden gear exchange.

The annual Give Seeds a Chance:  Seed Exchange and MORE, is a program of Fulcrum Community Resources who has partnered in the past with the White Clover Grange, the Nehalem Bay Garden Club and Food Roots.