A freak tornado hit Manzanita on Friday, October 14, 2016. A number of homes and businesses were damaged, some severely.

Here’s a KGW report from 11/29/16: 

Fulcrum Community Resources was designated one of the organizations to receive donations and distribute funds to those most needing assistance.  Also tapped was CARE Inc. of Tillamook.

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The Distribution Committee was composed of Fulcrum Board members Lucy Brook, Tom Bender, Barbara McLaughlin and Lianne Thompson, as well as community members Laura Swanson, Tom Campbell and Breanna Stephens.

The Fulcrum portion of the Manzanita Tornado Relief fund took in $39,753.40. (Fulcrum did not receive an administrative cut on these donations).  Donations were made to those affected by the tornado  ranging from $4000 to $360.  Other funds raised totaled $31,575 for a grand total of $71,371. Good going, community!

All the funds were given away except for $182.30 which was then donated to the Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay.

Attached is a downloadable PDF of the application that was used to apply for Financial support:  tornadorelief-application

Some of the Aftermath Activities:

  •  A TREE PLANTING EVENT was organized by Fulcrum’s Tom Bender for the Friday after Thanksgiving.


Photo: Oregon Youth Authority

Report from Tom: “We had sunshine! Got more than 100 trees planted!!! A lot of people weren’t ready yet (it’s been 6 weeks, but not if you’re not here and free all that time.) We have 90 some trees left, that we stashed just inside the garden fence at Alder Creek Farm. Trees are on their sides, by species, with their pots visible, so you can’t miss them if you need some or know someone who does. We had 20+ people show up to help plant, plus the kids from the Blimp Hanger. Thanks to Rhythm Method Band, Bread & Ocean, Offshore Grill, Pine Grove, and Oregon Youth Authority for making it all possible!”

Other Aftermath Activities:

  • A Manzanita Tornado Relief Facebook page for updates:
  • Shopping specials to help the local economy that took quite a hit.
  • A number of fundraising benefits including:
    • Dec. 3 – Cannon Beach Chorus Benefit Concert at NCRD
    • Dec. 16 – St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church Holiday Tea at Pine Grove
  • T-Shirts made and sold: “There’s no place like home….”